Patent layout

Innovation is to focus on the future. If you do not innovate, you will be eliminated by market competition. Relying on innovation to support the growth of individuals and enterprises is the only way to go. Today, as the global intellectual property protection environment is getting better and better, innovation has become the most powerful weapon in competition. The patent layout is a necessary means to realize it. However, patent application is not as simple as usually imagined. A single patent usually has a very weak protection effect on a specific innovation point. Competitors can often bypass existing patents and infringe on intellectual property rights relatively easily. It is necessary to apply for patents in the form of “patent clusters” in order to achieve the goals and effects of patent layout.


In the actual layout of patents, JiBie Technology follows the principle of “products are not moved, patents go first”. When patents are created, they aim at the control and competitiveness in the future market. Based on its own business development plan, according to the future Market positioning for patent planning.


The patent application and deployment of enterprises are to be able to form a favorable pattern in the future market competition. The pros and cons of the patent layout effects are also tested by whether these patents can escort the enterprise's market freedom in the future market competition and whether it can guarantee the acquisition of the enterprise's technological innovation income. Therefore, enterprises must be forward-looking when making profit layout planning, and aim at technological control and competitiveness in the future market in terms of patent deployment.


At the same time, many market players have accumulated a large number of patents or patent applications in their respective fields, and these patents may become obstacles and potential risks to future market expansion at any time. In order to deal with these potential risks, Jibie Technology gives full play to its own technological advantages, focuses on breakthroughs, focuses on differentiated technological competitive advantages, and promotes the overall patent competitive advantage through single-point breakthroughs.


In the future, Jibie Technology will further improve the layout of patents, optimize the number and structure of patents, and strive to meet the needs of technology research and development, product expansion, market development and competition in different periods based on actual resources, capabilities and needs.