Business cooperation

LUMIO is as a private brand from China, 

The Leading product LUMIO retractable and sterilizing series electric toothbrush,

Which from the first generation products in the beginning of 2020, 

and has built a business cooperation with all over the world gradually. 

LUMIO products got good comments from the vast majority of users depend on its unique selling points ,

close to the fashion trend of healthy life and flexible marketing mode.

We believe good products and cooperation mode will bring a huge market demand!

Only the innovative products can own unique selling points and market competitiveness in the fierce market competition. 

LUMIO brush redefines the brush shape and health standard, provide a broad market space and profit prospects to the cooperate partners, 

and achieve mutual benefit and win-win business.


We sincerely invite the global personal carebeauty health and other enterprises join with us,

To promote LUMIO retractable and sterilizing series electric toothbrush and other kinds of new-style daily products. 

We'll try our best to help the dealers to develop the market,expand business and increase sales,win profits through the existing channels, 

And finally form a good business relationship featuring win-win cooperation and mutual benefit.