Brand story

LUMIO--- A innovative brand for personal care products, 

Provide more delicate and convenient practical experience depend on it’s continuous innovation pursuit and insight of user’s demand.

LUMIO devote to make relieved and comfortable health life,

Targeted at people who have higher pursuit for health quality and life details, 

At the same time satisfy the needs for the enthusiastic  hunters for innovative products.

Achieve the unity of form and function experience, and improve the products level as a whole.

Brand name is born from its unique products design and features of function, 

It build-in UV sterilizer, can illuminate the corner where bacteria easy to thrive on brushed head in the relatively closed brush handle space,

It just like a holy-light to illuminate and protect our health,let the bacteria and virus can’t grow willfully, let our life be full with more health and happy!

It’s the eternal theme for humans to pursue comfortablebeauty and health. 

The founder of LUMINO brand Mr. Xin Wang believe in that “ through the technical innovation, 

it must can solve many pain points in our daily life, and create a brand new products accord with users habits.”

LUMIO is also bears the hope from Shenzhen JiXin Electronic Technology Co.,ltd, 

We hope to bring bright and healthy life concept and products bearing this concept to more users.